24 October 2008


On Monday, 6 October 2008, six cohorts and I climbed the third-highest peak in England: Helvellyn. Easily the most breathtaking hike I’ve ever done (in both senses of the word), the jagged beauty of this landscape sharpened my soul anew. Here are some photos:

Jonathan, my Junior Dean and the only man I know to hike in a leather jacket, takes a photo of me taking a photo of him standing atop Striding Edge, a razor-sharp rock scramble that necessitated all four limbs and complete concentration to negotiate.

Striding Edge: a study in chiaroscuro.

Looking across to Swirral Edge (which sounds like a toothpaste to me).

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Marlette said...

Breathtaking - just like YOU! I miss you, my darling girl! You float on my prayers and rest in my heart every hour.